Curmudgeon - Beer & Pubs Archive - 2000


Spread Your Wings - Could Wetherspoon's breathe new life into our struggling suburban and estate pubs?

Missing the Revolution - There's little evidence of the so-called pub food revolution in our local pubs
What's on the Menu? - Pubs that rely solely on blackboard menus make life difficult for their customers

Doubtful Condition - Bottle-conditioned beers, however good, can never achieve mass market acceptance

An Unfair Tax - The hidden threat to pubs from the workplace parking levy
Not A Drop to Drink - Pubs with no real ale tend to offer a poor choice of bottled beers and everything else

Drugged Up On Drink - How the drinks industry has cynically associated designer drinks with drug culture
Real Measure, Fake Beer - You can now buy it in pints, but that's the only authentic thing about it

Longer Hours, Fewer Pubs - Despite CAMRA's enthusiasm, a licensing free-for-all will be bad news for traditional pubs and beer

Who Owns Your Pub? - Faceless, greedy pub companies are bad news for local pubs
More Equal than Others - Is the unisex toilet on its way to your local?

Moderating the Yobs - Promoting responsible drinking in multi-room pubs is the way to curb drink-fuelled violence

You Can't Do That in Here - Is it time to bring back the grumpy landlord?
Never After Two - Independent pubs must respond to changing patterns of trade

Putting Beer First - The "Good Beer Guide" is the only pub guide to celebrate the central role of beer
Dump the Pubs - The fuel crisis has laid stealth taxation bare for all to see

Afternoon Delight - More pubs than ever now open in the afternoon - but might you want to avoid the customers?
Goodbye Portwood - The transformation of Stockport’s “East End” has done nothing for the area’s pubs

Sus on Wheels - Mass breath testing is an ineffective means of combating drink-driving that alienates law-abiding motorists

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