Curmudgeon - Beer & Pubs Archive - 2001


Don't Count Your Chickens - We've been here before on the full measures issue
The Tortoise and the Hare - Success in the pub trade comes from long-term application, not quick fixes

Taste or Effect? - Many of the most characterful and enjoyable beers are those of modest strength
Death of a Curmudgeon - A tribute to Auberon Waugh, champion of country pubs and scourge of the politically correct

Drunk on Half a Bottle? - Why do drinks industry bodies accept ludicrous official guidelines on alcohol consumption?
No Half Measures - Are we more mature drinkers for shunning half-pints?

Al Capone Comes to Cheadle - Gordon Brown's refusal to harmonise alcohol and tobacco taxation is actively encouraging organised crime
Note: this column was not actually published in "Opening Times" as the author was indisposed and was unable to submit it. As Gordon Brown did freeze beer duty in his Budget, and suggested that there might be the possibility of a sliding scale of duty for small brewers, the tone might have proved too strong anyway

Down in the Mouth - The foot-and-mouth epidemic puts country pubs as well as livestock at risk
You Just Can't Get the Staff - Cutting back on bar staff may be a false economy for pubs

Lose the Beer Gut - Despite the popular myth, beer has no uniquely fattening properties
Campaign for Real Pubs - The latest "traditional inns" really are nothing of the kind

Too Strong for its Own Good - High strength can handicap sales of popular beers
Turning the Tide - CAMRA may have more members than ever, but real ale sales are at a record low

Class Divisions - Far from eroding social divisions, one-bar pubs may end up increasing them
A Man of Substance - Britain could do with more political leaders who enjoy a pint

Spotting the Broad Picture - Does beer spotting have anything to do with campaigning for real ale and real pubs?
Wolves Set Free - Is there any place for the traditional brewer in today's cut-throat financial world?
Low-Alcohol Lunches - Banning lunchtime drinking shows a disappointing lack of trust in your employees

Are You Dining, Sir? - Dining pubs that deter the casual drinker risk losing their distinctive appeal
Fashion Discrimination - There may be method in the madness of dress restrictions in pubs

Is the Price Right? - If you object to high pub prices you can always take your business elsewhere
Regulars on the Rack - But hard-pressed pub regulars may have little alternative but sad solitary drinking at home

Walking with Pubcos - Are the seemingly unstoppable pubcos ultimately doomed by their lack of distinctive appeal?
No Hiding Place - Companies may pay a price for trying to control every aspect of their employees' lives
Pub Therapy - There's now scientific evidence that going to the pub does you good

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