Curmudgeon - Beer & Pubs Archive - 2002


Going Large - Serving wine only in large glasses works against customer choice and responsible drinking
Wooden Wombs - Itís getting more difficult to escape from the cares of the world in the pub

Truth and Trust - Official dishonesty about drinking and driving is costing lives
Campaign for Real Coppers - Nothing beats a real-life policeman in improving road safety

In Praise of Lager - The best lagers are world classics - so why are most of them such rubbish?
No Excuses - There's no good reason for the filthy habit of drinking beer from the bottle
Doing the Splits - Whatever happened to light and bitter and brown mixed?

Cut and Run - Another brewing family succumbs to the lure of the quick buck
Outdoor Relief - Everyone needs better public toilets, not just weekend revellers

Half a Loaf - The government's climbdown on full measures may not be quite the victory that the pub operators think
Common Sense Prevails - Retaining the UK's 80 mg drink-driving limit is good news for both pubs and road safety

Pubgoers 1, Killjoys 0 - Early morning extensions for World Cup matches are unlikely to lead to drunken mayhem
Pubs and Parenting - A free-for-all for kids in pubs would not be in children's best interests

You Gotta do Drunk - The increase in drunken disorder is a direct result of stigmatising moderate drinking
Don't be Shy - Pubs do themselves no favours by being coy about what is on offer inside

Should Locals go Local? - political control of licensing decisions would be bad news for licensees and drinkers
Last Orders for a Classic - Drown your sorrows as one of Britain's finest breweries falls victim to short-term greed

Quality Costs More - if real ale is better than keg, why canít it command a price premium?
A Fair Price - consumers decide whether prices are reasonable by their choice of where to drink

Open All Day - many pubs that claim to open all day fail to take advantage of the full permitted hours
Closed for Lunch - lunchtime closing may be a short-sighted policy
The New Puritans - can a responsible person ever afford to be seen with an alcoholic drink in their hand?

Turn it Off - too many pubs waste money on satellite TV sports
A Real Surprise - a new bar that was cosy and comfortable really would be a surprise
Pubgoing Grows Up - will a maturing population demand more traditional-seeming pubs?

Seasoned but Rare - independent brewers could do more to promote their seasonal beers in their own estates
The Cost of Calories - an attempt to promote healthy eating that is likely to backfire

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