Curmudgeon - Beer & Pubs Archive - 2003


A Price Worth Paying? - the devil is in the detail of the government's licensing reforms

Divided We Fall - ironically, real ale could benefit from encouraging drinkers to choose Budweiser
Seen but not Heard - the pursuit of an illusory family market will deter adult pubgoers

Class in a Glass - we could learn from the Belgians about how to enhance the appeal of beer in the glass
Size Can Make a Difference - a more flexible approach to measures could also improve the image of draught beer

The Not So Good Pub Guide - the alternative guides that would lead you to some truly memorable drinking experiences

Ten Years On - despite all the grumbling, the last ten years have not been a period of unrelenting gloom

Stubbing Out the Pub? - a total smoking ban would spell disaster for the British pub

What's a Binge Anyway? - discussion of the problems of excess consumption often conceals an attack on moderate drinking
Old Friends - familiarity can blind you to a pub becoming frayed at the edges

Blowing Off the Froth - the myth of the “traditional Northern head” does good beer no favours
Worst of Both Worlds - scrapping electric meters in favour of free-flow dispense is a bad idea in every way

Wot No Pubs? - you can reach the centre of Britain’s premier brewing city without passing a single pub
Drink to Success - staying away from alcohol can damage your earning power

The Apple of My Eye - traditional cider needs a radical revamp if it is to appeal to a wider market
Drawing in your Horns - lunchtime closing is a symptom of the declining appeal of pubs

Eat Your Tea - why should we be expected to adopt Continental drinking habits?
Benches Take a Back Seat - bench seating is quintessentially pubby – so why do designers shun it?

Back Street Heroes - the eclipse of the back street boozer is a symptom of today’s unhealthy drinking culture

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