Curmudgeon - Beer & Pubs Archive - 2004


The Mask Slips - the reasonable face of health campaigns hides a hardline desire for draconian bans
Law-Abiding Rife - shock headlines on drink-driving distort the truth

Live and Let Live - tolerance is a virtue much needed by pubgoers
Millers' Kitchen - the bar staff who find any excuse not to serve customers
The Effingham Arms - robust language is only appropriate in a robust environment

All Gastro, No Pub - the contemporary “Gastro-Pub” is a travesty of the word
A Tasty Example - it is possible to combine good food with genuine pub atmosphere
Grabbing Attention - the bigger and brasher the bar mounting, the worse the beer?

Drinking in History - historic pubs are some of the most valuable and underrated parts of our heritage

Sold Down the Forth - will Caledonian go the same way as Ruddles?
Turn It Off! - mobile phones have become a major distraction from the enjoyment of a quiet pint

Blown Off Course - the current hysteria about binge-drinking could scupper licensing reform
Drink Too Cheap Shock - pre-pub guzzling of cheap take-home booze is now a major factor in alcohol-related disorder

Keep Your Cool - complaints about chilly real ale are still much overdone
Happy Customers - real ale and a trouble-free drinking experience seem to go together

The Unpalatable Truth - too much pub food falls far short of the hype

Dominoes in the Smoke Room - the anti-smoking zealots are unlikely to compromise if they scent victory
Running the Gauntlet - you may be unable to get into the pub without going through a cloud of tobacco fumes

Tall Poppy Syndrome - it’s not impossible for a major brewer to produce a champion beer
Cronyism - a pub that appeals only to the landlord’s clique is a pub on the slide

Blowing Hot and Cold - pubs should go with the flow rather than making futile attempts to change the climate
Minimising Disorder - are minimum pricing schemes the answer to drunken disorder?

Health and Hypocrisy - recommended consumption levels on drinks packaging may be offering a hostage to fortune
The Moon Drowned - the Wetherspoon chain has lost what once made it distinctive, and may lose its independence too

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