Curmudgeon - Beer & Pubs Archive - 2006


No Fibbing - look out for genuine imported beers in preference to inferior home-grown copies
The Right Turn? - Conservative opposition to licensing reform is short-sighted, unprincipled opportunism

Three Drinks and You're Out - restrictions on on-trade consumption now pose a real threat to the traditional pub
Don't All Rush at Once! - transport details given for many pubs reflect a politically correct dreamworld

June *
Up in Smoke - the smoking ban could spell the end for the community local

Too Big for its Boots? - football is given more importance in pubs than the business it brings in deserves
What a Lot of Bottles - a vast range of bottle sizes simply confuses drinkers

Ten Little Breweries - takeovers of family brewers erode diversity and competition in the beer market
Extra Uncool - “Extra Cool” is the latest marketing fad to undermine quality at the bar

Two Nations - attitudes towards drinking are opening up a growing fault-line in society
Enough is Enough - sensible drinking guidelines will only be effective if seen as reasonable

Iced Up - diluting your drink is the latest nonsensical fad to hit the bar
Clear the Way - all too often people standing up in pubs block others' path

Passing the Baton - more than ever before, a good licensee can make all the difference to a pub
Obscured by Smoke - the licensed trade are being made to suffer uncertainty and extra cost over the smoking ban

The Blights Arms - the causes of pub blight go far deeper than greedy pub companies
Is Beer Bad for You? - why do we need to be told the obvious on drinks packages?

* Note: the March to May columns did not appear as "Opening Times" was not published in these months.

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