Curmudgeon - Beer & Pubs Archive - 2008


Plucked from Thin Air - Unrealistic official guidelines on safe drinking levels have no scientific basis
Supping with the Enemy - acceptance of these guidelines by the drinks industry is giving a hostage to fortune

The Empire Crumbles - the pub company business model is falling apart in the face of harsh economic realities
Vanishing Species - image and reality of pubs are growing ever further apart

Who's Going to Eat all the Pies? - the idea that food will be a panacea for the pub trade is wishful thinking
The Moderate Option - reintroducing smaller wine glasses is a broadening of choice that promotes sensible drinking

Out of the Box - new café-bars undermine the licensed trade rather than enhancing it
Free to Mislead - a pub claiming to be a “Free House” is likely to be tied up in chains
The Bingers' Budget - the Chancellor’s punitive increase in duties will make alcohol problems in society worse

No Escape - the increasing prominence of TV screens is destroying both the character and the trade of pubs
Against the Tide - Sam Smith’s deserve credit for their fine traditional pubs and good value beer

The End of the Road? - the reeling pub trade now faces a knockout blow from cutting the drink-drive limit

No Acceptance - the smoking ban has created an abiding legacy of bitterness in the country

Diluting the Brand - large brewers buying respected beer brands will inevitably end up compromising quality
Raising the Bar - minimum alcohol pricing may not be the godsend for the pub trade it appears

Gold Amongst the Dross - the decline of draught beer sales is a fact of life, but cask may be the only salvation
A Better Class of Dead Horse - new so-called premium products are unlikely to revive the moribund standard lager category

Two Sides to the Same Coin - setting on-trade against off is a false opposition that damages the whole drinks trade
Old Enough to Fight - Scottish plans to prevent under-21s buying alcohol in the off-trade are one of the most direct attacks on drinkers’ liberties so far

No Sign of the Inn - banning pub signs on the grounds that they may encourage drink-driving is an absurd overreaction
Shelter from the Storm - few pubs can genuinely claim to be safe from the gale sweeping the trade

Facing the Axe - it takes a severe sense of humour failure to seek to ban an award-winning ale
Think about your Drink - ale and responsible drinking seem to go together

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