Curmudgeon - Beer & Pubs Archive - 2010


Another World - the drinking scene of thirty years ago showed some amazing contrasts with the present day

Fancy an Ersaztenbrau? - the idea of a “safe” alcohol substitute completely misses the point
Bigger Spoonfuls - Wetherspoons’ expansion is a double-edged sword

Majority, What Majority? - the smoking ban in pubs has never been supported by a majority of the population
Mandatory Madness - the new government code of practice will impact on responsible and irresponsible pubs alike

Labelling Away Diversity - mandatory health warnings will reduce the choice of alcoholic drinks
All That Glisters - a surfeit of golden ales can make visiting a free house all too predictable

Nature or Nurture? - what happens in the pub cellar is the key factor affecting the quality of beer in the glass
Going Dry - a major pub operator divesting wet-led sites sounds an ominous death-knell for the pub trade

Cheaper than Water - the claim that beer is being sold cheaper than water is grossly dishonest
Because Nanny Says So - made-up targets do the cause of health promotion no good

Lost in Denial - claiming that the smoking ban has not led to pub closures reflects a head-in-the-sand attitude
Gone East - is the large-scale conversion of pubs to ethnic restaurants viable in the long term?

What's the Cost? - banning below-cost selling of alcohol is not the easy panacea that it may seem
Vaulting into the Lounge - getting rid of separate rooms in pubs doesn’t turn customers into one big happy family

A Charter for Killjoys - seemingly minor changes to licensing law have the potential to cause serious problems for pubs
Flat-Track Bully - beer quality is not just for Friday nights

Minimum Madness - the plan to impose a minimum unit price in Greater Manchester is ill-considered, illegal and unworkable
Swatting Flies - blocking access to the serving counter is one of most obnoxious and selfish behaviours encountered in the pub

Gimme Shelter - providing decent accommodation for smokers is an increasingly important factor for pubs
Problem, What Problem? - Britain doesn’t drink too much, but too often drinks unwisely

Freezing Your Drink - a freeze on drinks licences will hit responsible consumers while doing nothing to tackle alcohol abuse
Music to Whose Ears? - bar staff should never impose their choice of piped music on pub customers
All Wrong - staff give a poor impression greeting customers in an offhand manner

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