Curmudgeon - Beer & Pubs Archive - 2013


Going to the Dogs - a pub that welcomes manís best friend is likely to be welcoming to people too
Oh Yes You Are! - claims that anti-drink lobbyists are not being killjoys ring distinctly hollow

Dull or Shiny Spoons? - have Wetherspoonís proved a blessing or a curse for British pubgoers?

Not What it Used to Be - the idea that familiar beers have become less distinctive may be more than just nostalgia
Sharing the Pain - the decline in beer sales is now hitting both on- and off-trades equally

Pricing Drinkers Back into the Pub? - it is delusional to believe that minimum alcohol pricing will do anything to help the pub trade

Twenty Years On - the first ten years werenít bad, but the second have been disastrous for the British pub

Down Escalator - the success of the duty escalator campaign was due to the entire pub and brewing trade singing from the same hymnsheet

A Question of Balance - too many pubs fail to put a decent spread of beer types on the bar
Party Pooper - itís a licenseeís right to bar admission to large parties to maintain his pubís character

Pubbiness - you know it when you find it, but you canít create it just by ticking boxes

A Pint of Two Halves - charging extra for halves is poor business practice that needlessly antagonises customers
The Customer is Always Rude - should staff be entitled to refuse service to ill-mannered customers?

Open and Shut Case - the liberalisation of licensing hours has often led to pubs opening shorter hours

The World Turned Upside Down - the distribution of cask beer in the UK now is a mirror image of that when CAMRA was formed

Reducing Strength, Reducing Choice - initiatives targeted at street drinkers may also hit responsible consumers
Building a Customer Base - the development of town-centre housing may lead to fewer pub customers, not more

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