Curmudgeon - Beer & Pubs Archive - 2014


A Pattern of Closure - some areas, and some types of pub, have suffered much more in recent years than others

A Warm, Brown Embrace - Samuel Smith’s idiosyncratic approach adds welcome variety to the pub scene

Do Your Duty, George! - alcohol duty is a highly regressive tax that hits poorer people hardest
Youth Exclusion Zone - measures to stop underage drinking have created a less responsible drinking culture amongst the young

Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width - too many pubs are prepared to compromise beer quality in an attempt to offer more choice

Another Country - London is more and more following a different path from the rest of the country, both in general and in beer
Blowing Hot and Cold - pubs too often get it wrong in responding to changes in the weather

Chicken and Egg Situation - CAMRA needs to return to its founding principles as a champion of good beer, not just “real ale”

Joule in the Crown - Joules deserve praise for building up an estate of proper pubs in the old-fashioned way
A Fit of the Vapers - pubs may be shooting themselves in the foot by offering a dusty welcome to e-cigarette users

Idea vs Reality - we still like the idea of pubs, but are increasingly falling out of love with the reality

Faith in the Future - new-build dining pubs reflect confidence in the future of the British pub trade
Out of Place? - but applying the formula to existing pubs may seem insensitive and ill-considered

A Bitter Triumph - let’s hope the award given to Taylor’s Boltmaker leads to a revival of “ordinary bitter”
Scattered in the Plough - scatter cushions are a pointless, fussy attempt to make pubs seem more “female-friendly”
Pile 'em High - where do all these peculiar pub trends come from?

It’s Kicking off Again - pubs are starting to realise that TV football may not be the money-spinner they thought
The Unquiet Pint - nobody asks for piped music in pubs, yet still they play it

A Taxing Issue - cutting VAT on out-of-home dining would be a poorly-targeted piece of special pleading

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