Curmudgeon - Beer & Pubs Archive - 2015


Give Me Strength - a “cask-strength” bottled beer is not at all the same as a “cask-strength” whisky
No Pub for Old Men - if pubs want to live up to the claim of being community hubs they need to be more welcoming to older male customers

The Cow Jumped Over the Moon - pub design gimmicks never stand the test of time
A Cold House - warm colours in pubs convey a warm welcome; the opposite is also true

Goodbye to the 19th Hole - nobody should delude themselves that cutting the drink-drive limit wouldn’t lead to wholesale pub closures
Variety Isn’t Everything - drinkers may prefer continuity over constant change

Not Fit to be Out - breath-testing clubbers could easily set a precedent for ordinary pubgoers
Don’t Drink and Walk - some countries are even considering alcohol limits for pedestrians

Lilacs out of the Dead Land - beer duty cuts have driven a striking recovery in the pub trade, but it’s by no means universal
Bring Back Plates! - pubs are serving food on anything but plates, no matter how ludicrous

A Little of What You Fancy - moderate alcohol consumption really is better for your health than total abstention

The Best-Laid Plans - it seems wrong that established pubs can be converted into shops without planning permission
Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom - in the long term, the viability of the pub trade will be ensured by encouraging new entrants into the market

Smell the Coffee - coffee shops aren’t direct competitors to pubs, even if they sell alcohol
At the Sign of the Crossed Legs - micro-pubs should not mean micro-facilities

Bye Bye Binge Britain - despite media scaremongering, alcohol consumption in Britain is plummeting
Old Soaks - older drinkers stay resolutely healthy even if the experts think they shouldn’t

Magical or Mundane? - Robinsons’ new mythical brew has a strong grounding in reality
Scotched - the European courts have predictably dealt a severe blow to the SNP’s minimum pricing plans

Craft Wars - Craft vs Real Ale is a pointless antagonism that has been largely fanned by the crafties
Walk Before You Run - brewers who want to experiment should master the basics first

Close Your Eyes and Drink Up - there does not have to be a trade-off between better beer and worse pub interiors
Squeaky Bum Time is Back - the return of sticky vinyl seat coverings is a backward step for pubs

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