Curmudgeon - Beer & Pubs Archive - 2016


A Pub is for Life, Not Just for Christmas - itís hard not to see publicly-funded abstinence campaigns as a direct attack on the licensed trade
Selling off the Silver? - does a wave of disposals mean that the wheels have started to come off the Wetherspoon juggernaut?

Open All Hours? - longer and more flexible licensing hours have been a good thing for both pubgoers and public order
Planning not Parsimony - planning rules are preventing micropubs offering decent toilet provision

Someoneís Gonna Have to Pay - the ďNational Living WageĒ will have a disproportionate effect on pubs
Cutting the Strings - paying charities from public funds to lobby the government makes no sense

Itís Real, Jim, But Not As We Know It - keg-conditioned beer may be great, but itís not the same as cask

Care of the Community - if people truly value pubs, they may have to stump up to save them

Great Stuff this Bass - Draught Bass is a great survivor and a link to our brewing heritage

Out of Control - to claim that drinking in pubs is intrinsically better than at home is ill-informed special pleading

Hear, Hear! - contemporary pub designers ignore the needs of the deaf, and of people with other disa≠bilities

Doing What it Says on the Tin - the clue to what CAMRA should concentrate on can be found in its name

Cash is King - the pub trade remains one of the prime strongholds of the cash economy
Ring My Bell - if there are no staff at the bar, customers need to be able to summon them

Which Side Are You On? - many people who claim to stand up for pubs and beer are more puritan than libertarian

A Place Where No-One Knows Your Name - pubs need to respect customersí desire for privacy, if thatís what they want
Closed for You - increasingly limited and bizarre opening hours canít do the pub trade any good

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