Curmudgeon - Beer & Pubs Archive - 2017


Can This Be For Real? - “Real ale in a can” is a flawed concept that undermines bottle-conditioning
Delayed Gratification - what may now seem extreme proposals could all too soon become reality

A Little Bit of Company - the role of pubs in alleviating loneliness and depression is often undervalued

Collision Course - the seemingly unstoppable rise in brewery numbers can’t go on for ever

Fear of the Dark - there’s no point in pubs stocking dark beers if customers don’t want to drink them
Pale Shadow - it is disrespectful of our brewing heritage to rebrand a classic Pale Ale as amber

No Magic Bullet - designating a pub as an Asset of Community Value is no guarantee of its survival

Back on the Escalator - the Chancellor has sneaked in a return to the alcohol duty escalator
Brewer before Taxman? - higher beer prices harm pubs, regardless of whether the brewer or the Exchequer benefit

Slippery Slope - the anti-tobacco campaign is increasingly being used as a template for action against alcohol
A More Selective Appeal - some brewers’ response to post-ban decline comes across as utterly delusional

Baby You Can Drive My Car - driverless cars could give a major shot in the arm to the pub trade
Posing a Problem - so-called “posing tables” are a divisive and uncomfortable abomination in pubs

Note: Following the June 2017 issue, Opening Times moved to bi-monthly production.

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