Curmudgeon - Beer & Pubs Archive - 2019


What Goes Around, Comes Around - after ripping out all the internal walls, compartmentalised pubs are coming back into fashion
Cashing Up - there are dangers in the rush to relegate cash to history

Sense of Place - we have lost something valuable with the erosion of the link between beer and locality

The Squeezed Middle - if we are concerned about their long-term survival, mid-sized brewers deserve a little more love

When is a Pub not a Pub? - it’s hard to pin down the difference between a pub and a bar, but you know one when you see one

The Beer That Dare Not Speak Its Name - Bitter needs to stop pretending to be something other than what it really is
Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing - might handpumps be putting people off real ale as much as attracting them?

Drying Out - there’s a limit to how far pubs can go in appealing to non-drinkers
Under Pressure - it’s hard to believe that twentysomethings now feel more pressure to drink than previous generations

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