Curmudgeon - Beer and Pubs Archive 1996


More Beer, Less Chips - building up the food trade is not necessarily the way forward for all pubs
By Golly, it Does You Good - Official! - where does it leave the teetotallers when it's officially admitted that moderate drinking is better for you than total abstention?

No Smoking, No Pub? - compulsory no-smoking areas would pose a serious threat to smaller pubs
Earlier Closing Rejected
- moving Britain on to Berlin time would spread gloom and misery
Little Chef Meets Brewer's Fayre
- as "family dining pubs" spread they bear less and less resemblance to real boozers

Designer Rip-Off - image-conscious bottled lagers offer poor value in comparison with high-quality traditional draught beer
Serious and Silly Brewers
- micro-brewers with a commitment to long-term survival build up loyal trade in their home areas
Three-Minute Pop
- plenty of things lasting three minutes are far more enjoyable than a pint of Caffrey's

Genius Loci - location is just as essential to the character of real ale as it is to malt whisky and fine wine
Ecstasy vs. Booze
- unlike one drink, one pill can kill. Anyone claiming otherwise is an irresponsible liar

Nitrokeg on the March - the spread of taste-free nitrokeg is starting to pose a serious threat to real ale availability
Pub In-Conveniences
- toilets are often the last feature to be upgraded in pub revamps
Out of Condition
- too many bottle-conditioned beers show no sign of actually having conditioned in the bottle

Denim Blues - bans on pub customers wearing jeans are useless in avoiding trouble and serve to encourage a clientele of posers
The Lost Generation
- CAMRA shouldn't lose too much sleep about failing to recruit young people
Ash and Trash
- if pubs take all the ashtrays away in no-smoking areas, can they please provide litter bins?

More Freedom, Less Choice? - abolishing the tie for pubs would reduce diversity in the beer market
Suit You, Madam?
- "ladies' glasses" are a sexist anachronism

Must Try Harder - Wetherspoon's do a lot of things right, but a little attention to detail could make a huge difference
Spotting the Danger
- the activities of beer spotters are now putting them in conflict with bar staff and mainstream drinkers
The Real Ale Fitness Plan
- as he can't pursue his hobby from behind the wheel of a car, the real ale fanatic is often fitter than you might think

Spoilt by Progress - have Wolverhampton & Dudley, once a bastion of straightforward pubs and low prices, lost the plot?
The Best in the North-West
- at its best, Robinson's beer can be superb, so why is it so often disappointing?
The Great Chip Debate
- why can't pubs cook chips to suit customers' tastes?

Behind Closed Doors - the implications of an outdoor drinking ban would go much further than yobs swilling from cans
The Soft Option
- the new generation of alcohol soft drinks do not stand comparison with traditional products

The Luck of the Irish - behind the marketing, the new generation of fake-Irish pubs are surprisingly traditional
When in Rome (or even Dublin)
- it's not that bad to choose Guinness rather than handpumped Boddies in an Irish theme pub
Free to Mislead
- what are described as "free houses" are often nothing of the kind

Drink Sensibly - Go to the Pub - encouraging drinking in pubs rather than at home could help reduce alcohol-related social problems
Spotting or Campaigning?
- what beer spotters look for goes against the interests of the rest of the drinking population

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