Curmudgeon - Beer and Pubs Archive 1997


Eyes off the Ball - regional brewers may be diverting their attention away from their core business by developing their own nitrokegs
Drinkers vs. Diners - many pubs give over far more space to diners than their custom warrants

Creative Job Creation - investing in new dining pubs isn't creating new jobs in the licensed trade, just shuffling them round
How Free is Duty-Free?
- ending duty-free sales may help local pubs and shops
Wasting Police Time
- breath-testing thousands of innocent motorists achieves nothing in the fight against drink-driving

America by the Ship Canal - the new Trafford Centre is unlikely to offer much for the lover of traditional pubs and beer
Long Life and Laughter
- in moderation, alcohol may help prolong life by promoting laughter

Real and Keg Measurements - there is a real point to traditional weights and measures, and they're not just an impractical relic
Back-to-Front Pubs
- it's going too far when a preponderance of car-borne trade leads a pub to block the front door
Smooth, not Sharp
- I spoke too soon when I suggested that our local independents would have no truck with nitrokeg

Local Colour, National Bland - with the spread of national beer and pub brands, drinking in different parts of the country is becoming more and more homegenised
A Tide of Sarsaparilla?
- will Labour's general election victory be bad news for pubgoers?

Passport to Oblivion - Lees' insistence on pub trail participants drinking pints is sexist and irresponsible
Cool the Line
- in-line cooling is vital to serve real ale at the right temperature in hot weather
Traffic Enraging
- road humps are a symptom of the current trend to make the majority suffer for the sins of the minority

Sowing Dragons' Teeth - the irresponsible marketing of alcopops by the big drinks companies may come back to haunt them
Real as a Plastic Leprechaun
- Harp Irish Lager - now there's an authentic product for you...

Off-Licence Free-for-all - giving off licences to corner shops is a major factor in increasing teenage drunkenness
Speak for America
- you may be old enough to die for your country, but you can't drink in a bar
Traditional Short Measures
- Greenalls' offer to top up short pints is grudging and patronising

Mass Delusions - nobody should imagine that banning the mass media advertising of alcohol would help drinkers in any way
Scarcity Value
- for many pubs, longer Sunday hours mean fewer customers

Crude Puns, Crude Pubs - CAMRA has been far too indulgent towards the vastly overrated Firkin chain
If They Can Do It, Why Can't You?
- Wetherspoon's are setting an example to pub operators in switching to lined oversize glasses

Revenge of the Band of Hope - anti-drink campaigners have lost many battles, but they're cunningly outflanking the pro-drink lobby where it is most vulnerable <
The English Ethnic Restaurant
- pubs are in danger of boxing themselves into a corner with their food offering

Blame it on the Penguins - the decline of the tie increases the pressure for pubs to sell mass-market rubbish
The Full Monty - how a snake can help keep beer at the right temperature
Greenalization - Greenalls are steadily eroding the once distinctive character of the Boddingtons estate

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