Curmudgeon - Beer and Pubs Archive 1998


The Good Cuppa Guide - Why should pubs try to appeal to people who don't like them in the first place?
In-Pub Mountaineering - Sometimes getting to the loo is like negotiating an assault course

Facts, not Hysteria - The sober truth about the drink-driving statistics
The Furnace & Firkin - Customers don't want stiflingly hot pubs
One Size Fits All - You can have any size packet you want, so long it's a big 'un

Seriously Concerned - The dangerous killjoys who want to stop you going to the pub and drinking alcohol
Uncorking the Market
- How pubs could, and should, offer a much better range of wine

One Man's Meat - Pubs should tread carefully with piped music, but I've no problem with the odd snatch of Boston

Old Curmudgeon's Almanack - Curmudgeon gazes into his crystal ball......

Waiter, the Beer List Please! - Why do hotels that pride themselves on their food and wine offer such a poor choice of beer?
The Goldfish Bowl Inn
- Do you want passers-by gawping at you as you drink your pint?
- English pubs can get extensions for St Paddy, but not for our own St George

Saving Electricity - CAMRA should campaign to save an endangered beer dispense method
Soft Thinking
- Half-baked ideas about soft drink prices in pubs

Ye Olde Fake Hostelrie - The old Brewer's Fayre gets an upmarket makeover

Fear of Flavour - Many lager drinkers actively avoid anything that tastes of malt and hops
Bite Your Lip
- Middle-aged men look pathetic drinking from the bottle, but can you tell them that?

Broad or Narrow Minded? - If real ale is to survive, beer lovers must speak up for well-known beers as well as obscure ones

The Hogshead & Haemorrhoid - Why are so many pubs being turned into comfort-free zones?
Something for the Weekend, Sir?
- How customer care manuals end up irritating pub customers
Not the Beer Talking
- Our ludicrous cultural cringe in favour of wine over beer

The Cold Light of Day- The drink-driving danger the government refuses to tell us about
Drinking With Your Eyes
- Beer that looks bad almost always is bad

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