Curmudgeon - Beer & Pubs Archive - 1999


Pubs in Crisis - is there any answer to the obvious decline in the pub trade?

Another One for the Road - is it a good idea to give rewards for shopping drink-drivers?
What's a Glass of Wine? - it may be a lot more than you think
Limitless Confusion - does anyone really understand official health advice on drinking?

Losing the Plot? - if Hydes have ruined two of their pubs by turning them into trendy bars, are the rest safe?
Pubs the Way They Used to Be - but would we really want them like that?

Making the Marque - objective quality standards for cask beer must be the way forward
Green Bottles - surely we could follow the example of the Germans and Danes in recycling beer bottles

Product before Packaging - one way real ale could counter its undoubted image problem
Reinventing the Wheel - Old Labour = "Pub"; New Labour = "Men's Creche"!

It Hasn't Been All Bad - the positive developments during my legal drinking career

...But Most of it Has Been - the rather more numerous bad points of the past twenty-two years

Closed and Boarded in Calais - reducing UK duty would bring little comfort to our hard-pressed pub trade
Holts Come to Dover? - Southern pub operators have done themselves no favours with their exorbitant pricing policies

Fahrenheit 451 - the tobacco advertising ban threatens drinkers' rights too
No Nuts is Nuts - what benefit can an ordinary local gain from refusing to serve snacks?

Keep Drunks Off Our Roads - it's not only drivers who represent a serious risk to themselves and others
Pull the Udder One - does drinking Boddies make men grow breasts?

More Can Mean Less - of course evening closing should be liberalised, but nobody should imagine it will do much to help struggling local pubs
Bringing the Morning After Nearer - the hidden danger of more people drinking into the small hours

A Subtle Form of Prohibition - We are drinking more than ever, but becoming increasingly intolerant of even moderate drinking. Are the two trends on a collision course?
Millennium, What Millennium? - Pedants the world over will point out that the real Millennium will not happen until next year

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