Curmudgeon on Drink-Driving

Curmudgeon columns and other articles that have touched on the subject of drink-driving

May 1993
How would Britain have fared in the Second World War if we had breath-tested Winston Churchill before his "turns of duty"?

March 1994
The worrying decline in lunchtime drinking - which is closely linked to an increasing reluctance to drive to the pub even if you're not going to come anywhere near the legal limit

November 1994
The hypocrisy of some people who claim never to drink and drive

December 1994
Free Parking (not a Curmudgeon article as such) - an interesting exchange of correspondence from "Opening Times", November/December 1994, on the topic of pub car parks

February 1995
Guest beers should cover a greater range of strengths and beer styles - in particular to offer a sub-4% choice for drivers

December 1995
Drink-Drive Confusion - surely it would improve road safety if drivers were given one consistent message that was in line with the law

February 1996
Wasting Police Time - breath-testing thousands of innocent motorists achieves nothing in the fight against drink-driving

November 1997
Revenge of the Band of Hope - anti-drink campaigners have lost many battles, but they're cunningly outflanking the pro-drink lobby where it is most vulnerable, that is, on the drink-drive issue (and they're still doing it with great success)

February 1998
Facts, not Hysteria - The sober truth about the drink-driving statistics

December 1998
The Cold Light of Day- The drink-driving danger the government refuses to tell us about - driving the "morning after"

February 1999
Another One for the Road - is it a good idea to give rewards for shopping drink-drivers?

March 1999
Real Life Pub-Going - How the media fail to represent the way millions lawfully go to the pub

July 1999
...But Most of it Has Been - the rather more numerous bad points of the past twenty-two years, specifically the "drink-driving" point

October 1999
Keep Drunks Off Our Roads - it's not only drivers who represent a serious risk to themselves and others. Cyclists and pedestrians put themselves at grave risk when they're drunk too.

November 1999
Bringing the Morning After Nearer - the hidden danger of more people drinking into the small hours

December 1999
Drink-Driving - A Fresh Approach - how we could really make serious inroads in drink-related road deaths, if the government had the moral courage to put political correctness to one side

November 2000
Drink-Driving and Rural Pubs - full text of a letter from Peter Edwardson to the editor of What's Brewing in response to comments by Ted Bruning in the 2001 Good Beer Guide

December 2000
Sus on Wheels - mass breath testing is an ineffective means of combating drink-driving that alienates law-abiding motorists

January 2001
Drunk at the Taxpayer's Expense - the idea that late-night bus services help reduce drunk driving is another pious canard

February 2002
Truth and Trust - Official dishonesty about drinking and driving is costing lives
Campaign for Real Coppers - Nothing beats a real-life policeman in improving road safety

May 2002
Common Sense Prevails - Retaining the UK's 80 mg drink-driving limit is good news for both pubs and road safety

January 2004
Law-Abiding Rife - Shock headlines on drink-driving distort the truth

March 2004
Driven to Drink - the surprising truth behind 21st-century Britain's toxic binge-drinking culture

July/August 2005
Belt, Braces and the Rest - dishonest official propaganda encourages ludicrous over-caution over alcohol and driving

February 2006
Don't All Rush at Once! - transport details given for many pubs reflect a politically correct dreamworld

April 2007
Random Target - so-called random breath testing will have a negative effect on road safety
One too Many? - how can licensees be expected to monitor their customers’ consumption in detail?

June 2008
The End of the Road? - the reeling pub trade now faces a knockout blow from cutting the drink-drive limit

November 2008
No Sign of the Inn - banning pub signs on the grounds that they may encourage drink-driving is an absurd overreaction

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