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It's the economy, stupid
Minimum alcohol pricing could result in people switching drinking to the off-trade, not away from it, says Christopher Snowdon (September 2017)

Ten commandments for the public house
David Butterfield says the perfect pub should provide an alcohol-abetted escape from the modern world (May 2017)

In Defense of Clarity
Jeff Alworth stands up for clarity in beer and says that 'a bright, coruscating beer is a gorgeous thing on its own' (February 2017)

I don't remember signing up for an unwanted mammy... did you?
Ian O'Doherty wonders whether we will always be shackled by the killjoys, the bullies and the eternal-life fantasists of the health lobby (August 2016)

The alcohol figures that just don't add up
Pete Brown argues that the industry has suffered for too long over 'facts' which serve only to scaremonger the British public when it comes to the UK's alcohol 'problem' (March 2016)

‘Binge Britain’ has ended. Get over it
says Christopher Snowdon (May 2015)

The Truth We Won’t Admit: Drinking Is Healthy
The public health establishment buries overwhelming evidence that abstinence is a cause of heart disease and early death, says Stanton Peele (September 2014)

We love pubs and churches, but don’t want to use them
Rowan Pelling says we love to complain about the decline of our institutions, but want someone else to do our praying and drinking (April 2014)

The disease of “Public Health”
Chris Snowdon reckons we are in the midst of an epidemic of lifestyle moralism (October 2013)

A nanny state that dictates what we drink will soon be telling us how to think
Simon Heffer complains that governments now see it not merely as their right, but their duty, to intervene in our lives (November 2012)

A black market in booze fearmongering
Chris Snowdon reports that Panorama has been caught out peddling dodgy alcohol stats, only the latest instance of junk-science moralising by the neo-temperance lobby (October 2012)

Minimum pricing means minimising choice
Ramping up the price of booze won't change drinking habits, argues Patrick Hayes, but it will squeeze just a little more freedom out of life (March 2012)

Ignore the doctors – cheap beer is one of life’s few pleasures
Government-controlled pricing for alcohol is just stupid, says Graeme Archer - and depressing coming from a Tory prime minister (March 2012)

Panorama’s addiction to pisspoor journalism
Rob Lyons says that the recent edition of the BBC’s current-affairs show was a one-sided showcase for the anti-alcohol lobby (August 2011)

The gestation of a dubious idea
Ellie Lee argues that it is moralism, not evidence, that underpins the advice that pregnant women should abstain from alcohol (June 2011)

We don’t need to be saved from the ‘demon drink’
The old temperance movement was made up of working men who promoted self-control, says Josie Appleton. Today booze-bashing is the preserve of a killjoy elite (March 2011)

Turning drinkers into social lepers
Tim Black says that a Coalition of the Concerned is determined that those who enjoy a drink should join smokers as modern outcasts (March 2011)

All hands to the pump
Ludovic Hunter-Tilney takes a not entirely uncritical look at forty years of CAMRA (February 2011)

Time, gentlemen
A poignant elegy on the British pub from the obituaries editor of The Economist (December 2010)

A tougher limit won't help
Yes, drink-driving is shameful, says Stephen Glover. But a tougher limit won't help - it'll simply hit modest drinkers trundling home from the pub (June 2010)

A blast from the past
Paul Chase says that the spectacular comeback of alcohol as a social problem has spawned a fundamentally misguided campaign of neo-prohibitionism (May 2010)

Admit drinking is normal
Dolan Cummings says we need a better drinking culture: one where alcohol consumption is not seen as a social problem (February 2010)

The real age drinking starts
Tim Martin of Wetherspoon's attacks the hypocrisy of ministers and other authority figures who seek to clamp down on underage drinking but admit themselves to going in pubs before the age of 18 and say it did them good (January 2010)

A place where nobody knows your name
Nathalie Rothschild says that, as Britain’s dark, smoky, friendly pubs close down, the anti-pub - the JD Wetherspoon - is taking their place (December 2009)

Nutts to these anti-alcohol ‘experts’
Brendan O'Neill demonstrates how the sacked drugs adviser Professor David Nutt is actually seeking to promote illegal drugs as a means of denigrating and restricting alcohol (November 2009)

How Killjoys Colonised Britain’s Public Houses
Joe Jackson says that the smoking ban, on top of strict licensing laws and CCTV, has turned pubs from places of choice and tolerance into outlets for official meddling (August 2009)

Banning Alcohol Ads Won’t Cure Alcoholism
Basham and Luik argue that the campaign to restrict the advertising of booze in order to save the public could end up driving us to drink (July 2009) -->

Taxing the Sinners
Tim Black argues that the Scottish proposals to eradicate cheap alcohol are coercive attempts to control our choices and behaviour (March 2009)

Forcing Britain to sober up
Neil Davenport says that the proposed ban on pub “happy hours” is a metaphor for the government’s miserabilist disgust with fun (December 2008)

Calling Time
Pubs are now closing at the rate of five a day as soaring energy costs, cheap supermarket alcohol and the smoking ban bite into profits. So which ones will survive - and how? asks Aida Edemariam (November 2008)

The crazy world of England’s smoking ban
It’s built on anti-pub prejudice, junk science and petty authoritarianism, says Rob Lyons. So one year on, why do so few people see the ban as a blow to our freedom? (July 2008)

A pint and a half sir? You're nicked!
Richard Littlejohn condemns the government's plans to reduce the drink-drive limit as just another excuse to punish, bully and fine us (March 2008)

Europe to crack down on "passive drinking"
Bruno Waterfield reveals that EC officials are plotting to make drinking as socially unacceptable as smoking. (May 2006)

Vice in a Vise
Mike Miliard issues a tirade against the tyranny of health (March 2005)

We like drinking too much, so why do we do it so badly?
Andrew Martin looks at Britain's unhealthy binge drinking culture and bemoans the lost art of moderate drinking (December 2001)

Ministers pander to a misguided populace
Matthew Parris argues that, on many important issues, public opinion is always wrong, and therefore in a democracy any responsible political leader must throughout his career spend much of his time and creative genius in finding sneaky ways to block the settled public will without becoming too unpopular for it. (August 2001)

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