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The Nursery, Heaton Norris - CAMRA's National Pub of the Year for 2001

The Nursery, Heaton Norris (pictured above) was voted the UK Pub of the Year for 2001 by CAMRA (The Campaign for Real Ale)

Few, if any, towns or cities within the UK can offer a selection of pubs to compare with Stockport. It has an unbeatable combination of traditional locals, classic heritage pubs, notable free houses and quality cask ales from a variety of independent brewers, including all four of Greater Manchester's established family brewers, together with up-and-coming micros such as Pennine and Beartown. While mainly an urban area, there's also a small but impressive selection of country and village pubs to the south and east of the Metropolitan Borough area. The welcome is warm, prices are reasonable and the attitude towards closing times is generally relaxed.

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This is a personal guide to all the pubs within Stockport Metropolitan Borough. Over the past twenty or so years I have visited the vast majority of the 300-odd pubs in the area. With a handful of exceptions, the ones I have never visited aren't worth going to anyway. Pubs recommended by me are marked with an asterisk * (but the absence of an asterisk may mean no more than I don't know the pub very well). It should be assumed that all pubs serve real ale unless otherwise indicated. Details of beers available have not been included as these are subject to frequent change. Closed pubs have deliberately been left on the list until it is clear there is no prospect of them reopening as pubs.

There are a couple of spoof pubs included as "copyright traps" for people seeking to steal my material - see if you can find them! (If you highlight the text, they should show up)

I have not made any attempt to list café-bar style establishments unless they offer real ale - to my mind, these are not pubs.

Photographs have been included of some of the better and/or more architecturally distinguished pubs in Stockport. Some I have taken myself, but for many I am indebted to Phil Rowbotham. I am also grateful to Geoff Welding for some pictures of pubs in and around Cheadle Hulme. Where there is a photograph shown against a listed pub, click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

There is also an Over the Borders section listing a selection of some of the better pubs within a few miles of the Stockport boundary.

DISCLAIMER: This is a personal website, which was originally set up ten years ago. As of April 2010, the website is no longer being actively updated and so will become progressively less up-to-date. However, I will be happy to remove or correct any factual errors relating to the situation at or before April 2010. If you do wish to make any comments, please send me an e-mail.

The opinions expressed are entirely my own and do not represent the official view of the Campaign for Real Ale, either nationally or locally, or any other organisation. I would encourage anyone visiting pubs to drink responsibly.

Note on Pub Ownership

With the growth of pub companies independent of major brewers, it is increasingly difficult to establish exactly who owns a particular pub. Originally there was a clear link between the pub company and the original owners, but with the steady "churning" of estates this has become much more blurred. In some cases I have stated which pub company I believe to be the owners, but I recognise that this will often now be incorrect. Often I have just said "Pub Company". Where appropriate I have tried to indicate the former owners of the pub, which is probably more meaningful than the current information.

All material on this site is © Peter Edwardson 2005-2010 and may not be reproduced in any form without permission