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"Curmudgeon" is a monthly column that has appeared since May 1993 in "Opening Times", the newsletter of the Stockport & South Manchester Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale, in which Curmudgeon expresses his forthright views on pubs and beer, and the wider social and legislative climate in which they operate.

A full online archive of recent issues of "Opening Times" can be found here.

The primary aim of this site is to provide an Internet archive of the monthly "Opening Times" column, but it also gives Curmudgeon the opportunity to comment on other subjects which fall outside the remit of "Opening Times". This is a personal website and the views expressed are entirely those of the author, and not those of the Campaign for Real Ale or any other organisation. And if you've had a sense of humour bypass, please bear in mind that not everything here is meant entirely seriously...

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Curmudgeon grudgingly acknowledges the assistance of Peter Edwardson in showing him where the on/off switch is on the computer.


These two activities DO NOT MIX. Nothing on this site is intended as an encouragement to consume alcohol before driving. Curmudgeon opposes any reduction of the current UK 80mg limit, but unequivocally condemns drunken driving.

Stay low - stay safe!

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