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curmudgeon n: a crusty, irascible, cantankerous person, full of stubborn ideas (and beer)

"When you have lost your inns, drown your empty selves
For you will have lost the last of England" (Hilaire Belloc)

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- a jaundiced view of life from the darkest recess of the saloon bar...

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First they came for the smokers…
Josie Appleton explains how the war on smoking has set the template for state meddling in our lives

It's the economy, stupid
Minimum alcohol pricing could result in people switching drinking to the off-trade, not away from it, says Christopher Snowdon

Ten commandments for the public house
David Butterfield says the perfect pub should provide an alcohol-abetted escape from the modern world

In Defense of Clarity
Jeff Alworth stands up for clarity in beer and says that 'a bright, coruscating beer is a gorgeous thing on its own'

I don't remember signing up for an unwanted mammy... did you?
Ian O'Doherty wonders whether we will always be shackled by the killjoys, the bullies and the eternal-life fantasists of the health lobby

The alcohol figures that just don't add up
Pete Brown argues that the industry has suffered for too long over 'facts' which serve only to scaremonger the British public when it comes to the UK's alcohol 'problem'

We love pubs and churches, but don’t want to use them
Rowan Pelling says we love to complain about the decline of our institutions, but want someone else to do our praying and drinking

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Curmudgeon Extra
A few Beer and Pubs items that, for whatever reason, never made it into the pages of "Opening Times"
Curmudgeon on Drink-Driving
Comments made in the Curmudgeon column over the years on the drink-driving issue

Opinion Pieces

Only Here for the Beer?
A critical but sympathetic look at CAMRA's achievements since its foundation
Driven to Drink
The surprising truth behind 21st-century Britain's toxic binge-drinking culture
The Death of the English Pub
Alcohol consumption is at a post-war record, so why is the traditional pub in crisis? And is it ultimately doomed?
Why 50 mg is Wrong
Lowering the UK drink-driving limit would in practice do nothing to cut road deaths while putting thousands of pubs out of business
Drink-Driving - A Fresh Approach
How we could really make serious inroads in drink-related road deaths, if the government had the moral courage to put political correctness to one side
Real Pub Food in Every Pub
Promoting real food in pubs should not equate to food snobbery


Interesting Articles
A collection of opinion pieces from the press reflecting the themes of "The Curmudgeon Page"
About this Site
So what's this nonsense all about? And who is "Curmudgeon" anyway?
Your views - and what Curmudgeon thinks about them
Curmudgeonly Quotations
A selection of my favourite quotations on the subjects of beer, pubs and drinking, and liberty and lifestyle freedom
Curmudgeon's Ideal Pub
The features I'd look for in my perfect pub - including Hartington Best Bitter and a characterful pub cat. But would anyone turn up?
The Facts About Drinking and Driving
A scan of an official booklet from 1986 that deals with the issue in a much more honest and straightforward way than would be possible today
The Curmudgeon Questionnaire
A unique insight into what makes the author of this website tick
Rants and Moans
The tiny handful of blemishes that disturb the sunny uplands of Curmudgeon's view of the world
Drinking Jokes
A small collection of politically incorrect jokes about drinking
Stockport Pub Guide
A comprehensive list of all pubs within the Stockport MBC boundaries (no longer updated since April 2010)

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